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Oh, Miles fervently hopes that whatever the hell Elfroot is, it has roughly the properties of a powerful opiate, but somehow, he doubts that will be the case. Then again, he's not sure he needs anything in his system that might further impair his faculties, because right now, the pain is keeping everything vividly sharp. Too sharp. Miles is panting by the time they get him to the infirmary, his gaze distant, but he manages to let out a hoarse, somewhat worrying laugh at the question.

"Long story." He gives Lavellan a smile through teeth gritted in pain, not a particularly pleasant sight. It's taking all he's got not to just burst into hysterics right now. He clutches his broken arm to his chest. "I'd be happy to tell you if you care to hear it, but I think I'd rather get this -- ha -- straightened out first. Who's the doctor here?" He looks around, his movements jerky, totally unsure how to identify whatever the hell a doctor looks like here.
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At least Lavellan knows what doctors are, which is a step up from his previous question. Unfortunately for Miles -- "Most of the healers and surgeons are tending to the wounded from Haven. But one of them has set up in the lower courtyard, if you can walk that far." It isn't a very long walk, and Lavellan has always been tempted to simply jump from one ledge to another to get down instead of the stairs, but she can only imagine the cries of heathen knife-ear and therefore decides that taking the stairs is the better approach.

"You can talk on the way, if you can."
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Please, Lavellan. The only thing that keeps Miles from talking is lack of consciousness.

"Right," Miles pants, nearly letting go of his injured arm to wipe the sweat off his brow, but he regrets even the slightest shift instantly and grits his teeth, holding his broken arm gingerly but closer to his chest. "Sure. I can walk that far. I've walked farther under worse circumstances. Hey, have I ever told you about Dagoola?"

He brings himself up short abruptly with a slight wheeze as he realizes he's starting to descend into feverish babbling and gives Lavellan a not-very-comforting grin. "Scratch that. Another long story. Hey, mind telling me what your healers actually do? Pretty vague title, that. Granted, we don't have magic where I'm from. But I'm guessing it's not a catch-all if you've got surgeons and doctors too. So, what are they -- like nurses? With magic?"

You said he could talk, Lavellan.
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She takes everything back about allowing him to talk. But the questions give her something that she can answer, in the midst of his questions that she can't, and she focus more on those than anything else. "Healers call upon spirits who have natures in line with what they require them for, and heal through magic." Lavellan says, carefully guiding Miles towards the tents where the medical members of the Inquisition stayed.

"You haven't told me about Dagoola, either." It does sound like a long story, but if it's enough to keep him distracted for long enough-- still, she switches back to the magic as it seems to have his attention. "The doctors and surgeons don't use magic at all. But sometimes we are short mages who have any skill in healing, or they can only heal partway and not fully."

It was a delicate balance, and one that Lavellan hadn't studied much with, all things considered. She knew her strengths, and it wasn't in that branch of magic.
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Miles squints at her, attempting to focus on this thread of conversation instead of the nausea that's starting to rise out of the acute pain. Oh, God, please don't let him vomit undignifiedly in view of Seeker Pentaghast.

"Right." He blinks owlishly at her. "What a fantastically vague answer."

Sorry, Lavellan, that doesn't clear much up. Miles almost reaches to scratch his head, but remembers to clutch his broken arm just in time.

"So this healing repairs tissue damage?" he suggests, lips twisting in thought. Another mystery to puzzle out at least gives him something to think about. "On a cellular level, I'm guessing? Er -- you know, accelerate the natural healing process?"