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agent (new) york. ([personal profile] bluffing) wrote in [community profile] sunchime2013-07-23 03:06 pm

swiggity swaiju

[ York can't remember the last time he was in LA. Couple of years, maybe. Long enough that the city's grown from what he remembers, life returning to those areas destroyed by the kaiju. That's how it always goes, though. Doesn't matter what happens -- people always rebuild.

And if they don't, they make a tourist trap out of it.

Thankfully, he doesn't have to go that far out. There are a couple of bars near the Shatterdome, filled with trainees, kids hoping to become rangers one day. York doesn't have the heart to tell them not to bother. Either they've got what it takes or they don't. And if they do, it's a gamble if they can find someone Drift-compatible anyway.

Compatible. He shoves the word to the back of his mind. Doesn't wanna think about her.

What he does want is a beer. York slides onto a stool at the bar and signals for a drink, turning his head to glance around the bar. Still not used to having to turn his head so much, either. There's a woman on his other side, couple years younger, dogtags around her neck. Shoots her a smile. ]

Whatcha havin'?

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