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swiggity swaiju

[ York can't remember the last time he was in LA. Couple of years, maybe. Long enough that the city's grown from what he remembers, life returning to those areas destroyed by the kaiju. That's how it always goes, though. Doesn't matter what happens -- people always rebuild.

And if they don't, they make a tourist trap out of it.

Thankfully, he doesn't have to go that far out. There are a couple of bars near the Shatterdome, filled with trainees, kids hoping to become rangers one day. York doesn't have the heart to tell them not to bother. Either they've got what it takes or they don't. And if they do, it's a gamble if they can find someone Drift-compatible anyway.

Compatible. He shoves the word to the back of his mind. Doesn't wanna think about her.

What he does want is a beer. York slides onto a stool at the bar and signals for a drink, turning his head to glance around the bar. Still not used to having to turn his head so much, either. There's a woman on his other side, couple years younger, dogtags around her neck. Shoots her a smile. ]

Whatcha havin'?
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[ Buffy isn't even sure she wants to do this. Faith had been a hell of a copilot, sure. Between the two of them, they'd racked up four kaiju kills in a short few years. And they'd been rewarded for it with publicity and fame. They were LA's own jaeger-piloting dolls, and Faith had eaten it up like candy. She'd always had a little too much of a sweet tooth.

It doesn't do Buffy any good to dwell on it, that's for sure. But knowing that she's got to go through the drift compatibility bullshit with a bunch of candidates tomorrow isn't sitting well for her. It's been months since Faith got lost in the drift, since she'd gone way out of alignment in the middle of the fight. Someone else had had to swoop in and save their butts, and Faith...had never really come out of it. And maybe Buffy hadn't, either. She doesn't really know if she's ready for this.

So she's not in the mood for Flirty McHandsomepants, even with emphasis on the handsome. Her eyebrows go way up, and she gives him a tight smile. ]

Tsingtao. Over there.

[ She slides off the stool, grabbing her beer. She just came here for a drink, okay? Okay, she didn't come her for a drink alone, but she's not even sure Will's going to make it at this point. ]
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[ Uuugh why can't some guys just take a hint? Buffy had almost managed to forget he even existed by staring moodily at her beer in wait for Willow. If she's not here by now, she's probably still back at the Shatterdome. It's not like Will to flake on her like this, but everyone's been a little preoccupied lately.

Buffy looks up at York, eyebrows raised. It's clear from her expression that she is already one hundred percent done with today, but she manages to maintain a tone of voice that borders on saccharine but quickly shifts gears into impatient and tetchy. ]

There is no he. So do I have something on my face, or is there just something you're raring to tell me and you just can't hold it in anymore? Did you come to tell me I'm cute? 'Cause you're gonna have to do better than that. I get cute all the time.
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there are and 80% of them look like shit :')

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[ At his apology, Buffy feels a little chastised. Okay, okay, so maybe she'd been assuming... And then he makes the gorgeous remark and she frowns again, almost more of a pout. Two steps forward, one step back.


Buffy crosses her arms, feeling at least a little bad for snapping at him, but she's still not feeling especially welcome of company. ]

Okay, so...what did you want? I mean, I have to ask. You know. Standard stranger danger interrogation.
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but im sooooo laaazzyyyy (yeah that is what i will do)

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[ Wow, so now Buffy feels double stupid. Of course the guy would've approached her if they're both Rangers. Oh god, has she met him before? Has she seen him at the Shatterdome?

Color her sort of mortified, at the moment.

She manages a half-smile, trying to make up for it with a little forced enthusiasm. God, she hopes he's talking about the news where they were talking about how totally badass she was and not the news talking about what a trainwreck her partner had turned into. ]

...Oh -- haha, yeah, that's me. Buffy Summers. And you are...?

[ She peers at his dogtags, but she feels like it'd be rude to lean over close enough to read them. ]
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[ Buffy rolls her eyes, but it's half in embarrassment. She feels kind of bad for treating the guy so hostilely, all things considered, but he is pretty persistent. She raises an eyebrow, not sure if she should like the guy or be annoyed with him. ]

Mm, only if you can manage to do it in a less cheesy way. [ Okay, he's probably harmless. Whatever, it's better than drinking alone. ] I was waiting for a friend, but it looks like she's running late. She's not so much with the punctuality when she gets into something.
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[ Real cute, York. Then again, she supposes she's met worse guys. And he is a Ranger. If he works at the Shatterdome, she should be able to trust him. She gives him an arch look, sipping at her beer. ]

You can sit there as long as you don't try anything. Because believe me, buster, I'll make you pay for it. I'm small, but I'm feisty.
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[ Okay, now that she's established that she'd pop him one in the jaw without blinking if he pulled anything, Buffy relaxes a little. He seems to respect it. Good. ]

Four, actually. We nailed Tetsujin down by Long Beach four months ago.

[ But ouch if it doesn't hurt to think about the last time she'd gotten into a jaeger. ]
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Oh, thank god. I was afraid we'd met before and that I was just totally spacing on your name. And face. Which you think I'd remember, what with your whole...uh, face.

[ well that sure is an awkward pause

Buffy lets out an even more awkward laugh to cover it up ]

Tact! It's like a long lost relative. Sydney, huh? I hope you didn't pet the koalas.
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[ All right, she has to roll her eyes at the STD remark. ]

What a winning endorsement.

[ Come on, really, dude. Way to set the bar low. Still, she nods with an impressed look, idly twirling the bottle between her fingers on the table. ]

Oh, yeah? So what are you doing in LA then, huh? What, the kaiju down under not big enough for you?
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[ Buffy makes an identical face, rolling her eyes in solidarity. ]

Ugh, tell me about it. I don't even have a new jaeger assigned yet, but tomorrow they're putting me through the ropes with whatever candidates they managed to scrape from...whatever barrel they scrape jaeger pilot candidates from. Not so much with the looking forward to it,
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[ Buffy raises her eyebrows, cautiously optimistic. She purses her lips in a contemplative pout. ]

And you promise not to make with the weird come-ons? Unless, you know, I ask for 'em.
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[ All right, all right. The truth is once she got past the kinda sleazy exterior, the guy just oozes likeable charm. Damn it, she wants to like him. Okay, fine. She likes him. Buffy grins, propping her chin up with her elbow resting on the edge of the table. ]

Yeah, that's a neg on the death wishes. But I respect the heart-crossing.

[ She drains the rest of her Tsingtao and sets it down, idly toying with the bottle. ]

So, York Reilly, what do you usually do for fun?
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What, does punching things with giant robot fists not count as fun?

[ A little bit of work, a little bit of play, right? Okay, okay, not so much. ]

I dunno, girl stuff, I guess. You know, hanging out with my best friend, watching bad horror flicks while we paint each other's toenails and talk about boys. God, how old am I again?