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i need to find some icons

[ Uuugh why can't some guys just take a hint? Buffy had almost managed to forget he even existed by staring moodily at her beer in wait for Willow. If she's not here by now, she's probably still back at the Shatterdome. It's not like Will to flake on her like this, but everyone's been a little preoccupied lately.

Buffy looks up at York, eyebrows raised. It's clear from her expression that she is already one hundred percent done with today, but she manages to maintain a tone of voice that borders on saccharine but quickly shifts gears into impatient and tetchy. ]

There is no he. So do I have something on my face, or is there just something you're raring to tell me and you just can't hold it in anymore? Did you come to tell me I'm cute? 'Cause you're gonna have to do better than that. I get cute all the time.

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