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[ open post: miles ]

That's because I've got forward momentum. There's no virtue in it. It's just a balancing act. I don't dare stop.
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A laughing Miles was always a good sign. Well... usually. It eases a little of her fear, her chest loosening enough for her to take a breath.

"Seems to be a bit of a shortage on this planet," she says with a little bit of a smile, "Let's get you out of here, yeah?" Though she takes a moment to wipe a little of the blood off his chin before she pulls a ring of keys out of her pocket. Because Lara Croft is nothing if not very good at finding things she isn't supposed to.
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She sees the little gesture even as she moves around to start trying keys on his cuffs.

"Don't worry, we're as safe as we can get here." Which isn't that safe, but Lara had been through. A good amount of the blood hidden in the black of her clothes is not her own. "They're detained. Not here, they're safe. Something about suspended action, needing clearance. Bel couldn't tell me everything, but they did say it was Barrayar political caste garbage." She technically wasn't part of the crew after all and she was very much not part of ImpSec.

The cuffs open with a sharp clack and Lara tosses those aside, moving back around. "Think you can walk?"
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She bends a little, hands out to steady him or take his weight if he needs it. Lara could imagine Miles would prefer if she didn't carry him out of the base, but that didn't mean she wouldn't. He was a little smaller than Sam and they weren't scaling down a mountain at any rate.

"I walked mostly," she said, smiling a little, perhaps a little too at ease for a young woman who's just fought and killed her way through a base. She was mostly pleased to see Miles in one piece, "I might have been here sooner, but my ride broke down."
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Lara's there to catch him, hands at his waist and she barely even sways at the impact.

"Sort of mine. I borrowed it from Imperial Security, in a manner of speaking." Even when Miles regains his footing, Lara keeps her hands at his waist, "You're sure you're not hurt?"
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"I didn't steal it, I borrowed it," and she has the nerve to sound prim when she says it.

She nods, but waits a few moments more til he's steady on his feet. "There's what looked like a communications room not far from here, just down the hall."

It's an eerily quiet hall and tho Lara is sure she'd cleared the building, she still keeps the crowbar in hand.