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[ open post: sonia ]

Sonia Vorbarra Vorpatril
every Sonia under the sun

your choice of:

wartime: "canon" Sonia during the 20-year-long Cetagandan occupation

for barrayar: 4b AU Sonia, post-game

wine mom: post-massacre single wine mom Sonia, now Lady Vorpatril, raising her baby boy Padma

alignment swap: bad end AU where Padma dies in the massacre and Sonia goes on a heinous revenge quest after the civil war

credit: [community profile] photosynthesis
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His guys don't pay her much mind than a rowdy cheer of greeting. The booze is high price and free flowing and the Chargers' crew have never been ones to abstain. Bull feels more than sees the subtle shift of Krem moving to sit in his blindside. It gives him more than enough assurance to smile up at the beautiful woman, giving her the bulk of his focus.

"Ah, don't sweat it," Bull tells her, taking her hand carefully in his. He does his duty, a quick light kiss to her knuckles and a slight seated bow. He's not for titles, but he knows who he's talking to. "Emperor throws a hell of a party."