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Princess Sonia Vorbarra ([personal profile] vorbratta) wrote in [community profile] sunchime 2017-07-18 11:50 pm (UTC)

betan bull hell yes a++

Sonia knows exactly who all of the Emperor's guests are, and she's just as amused at the reactions the Betan scientists are getting from the Barrayarans in attendance. They don't really understand the concept of paramilitary very well, it seems, but then again, it's been a long time since a Betan Survey officer was a guest of the Barrayaran Emperor.

She finally makes it over to the Survey officers -- well, that one stand-out officer in particular with captain's tabs on his collar and nearly a full head of height over most men in the room. Impressive on Barrayar. She does wonder what they're putting in the water on Beta Colony these days -- and where he got that eyepatch. Not the sort of thing you usually pick up in Survey.

"Captain," she greets him with a flash of a sunny smile at him and his crew, her eyes bright. Her wine glass is only half-full, and she reaches out with her free hand to offer it to him -- a Barrayaran-style kiss on the hand or a more galactic handshake, it's up to him. She's curious to see what he'll do. "I do apologize for making my greetings so late. I trust you're enjoying the party?"

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