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The Iron Bull ([personal profile] justoutside) wrote in [community profile] sunchime 2017-07-18 03:44 am (UTC)

option a with AU Betan Bull?? also i'm making shit up

The strange looks are almost getting old. Almost, except they're still kind of hilarious. Krem doesn't get a second look, which. Is nice. He knows how hard Barrayar still goes for gender shit. He looks good tonight, the soft greys of the Betan Survey team complimenting his military cut hair and straight posture. He's confusing the fuck out of some of these General-Lords who think they should be looking at a civilian and Bull's getting a kick watching.

Barrayar doesn't know what to do with someone like Bull. He is big, easily as tall, if not taller than many of the men in their fine military formal and built like a truck. Sitting off to the side, lounging almost on one of the elegant sofas does nothing to diminish the sheer size of the man. He's a good counter point to Krem: uniform a little bit rumpled, a little disarrayed, dark skin even darker against the grey while his scars stand out starkly. The eyepatch gets some looks, but the insignia on his uniform gets a double take which is gratifying. Captain Bull Irons of the Charger is not here to make Barrayaran Lords comfortable. He's here to make sure Skinner doesn't kill anybody and Rocky doesn't blow anything up and drink on the Emperor's dime.

And maybe even enjoy watching the woman, gorgeous and done up and only a little older than he is, playing the crowd like she was born for it.

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