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wine mom sonia open prompt

Ten years after the end of Mad Yuri's War, life finally no longer feels like a war zone. When the last shocks and pains finally wore away, when Sonia's grief for her husband progressed into deeply cherished, if aching, memory, when Vorbarr Sultana finally began to rapidly rebuild itself -- when it was over, Sonia almost didn't know what to do with herself. She'd spent more than half her life entrenched in one war or another, even if she never was too close to the gritty truth of it -- until Mad Yuri's War. The Massacre changed her, the Dismemberment changed her -- she remembers that fraught and furious argument with Piotr over her insistence on participating -- but her dear late sister's work was not all undone. When the dust settled, she was still Sonia Vorbarra Vorpatril, and some things never change.

She had vowed, long ago, never to let loneliness take hold of her and crush her so desperately as it had in her youth. Her late husband, dear, sweet Ivan, had never wished anything but happiness on her, and God, he had brought it in droves. But he is ten years passed now, and Sonia has allowed herself to move on, his memory never far from her mind. She will never remarry -- that honor belonged to Ivan Vorpatril alone -- but Sonia never was in the habit of depriving herself of much-needed company.

The memories of her youth in the war have never quite faded, not as much as the photographs she's kept all these years. She remembers them all, remembers the fantasy of a Barrayar she could fit into that always seemed just out of reach. There are still parts of her that don't fit here, things that sometimes make her wonder if she and Padma would be better off on Beta Colony, but she can't bear to part with what family she has left. And so Sonia finds her own element in the Vorbarr Sultana social scene, not just becoming a part of it but shaping it, because the Lady Princess is a hell of a lot more cosmopolitan than most of her Vor lady peers. It's well known that Lady Sonia Vorpatril, cousin and oddly close friend to Emperor Ezar, throws the best damned parties in the District.

a. party at the imperial residence
Sonia is in her mid-forties now, though she's impossible not to recognize from her youth, her half-Betan genes aging her much more gracefully. She still has that bright light in her eyes, that sunny smile and that wicked look, that same long, tumbling mass of dark curls down her back. But she looks different now, no longer in war-worn village clothes, now dressed in the height of Vorbarr Sultana fashion, as immodestly cut as social graces will permit her, because she lives to challenge every social norm in her sphere of influence. She wears jewelry now that, in retrospect, would have seemed oddly missing on her younger self, and her hair is adorned in fresh flowers.

Whatever the occasion the party is for, it isn't clear, but the Imperial Residence's banquet hall is full of people, talking, socializing, dancing. Sonia seems to be everywhere at once, chatting, laughing, a glass of wine always in hand.

b. city strolls
Sonia loves Vorbarr Sultana. She had hardly seen it for a decade, and it was ravaged by war for so long. Now that it's rebuilding itself, steadily and surely, she spends as much time as she can soaking it in, never tiring of it. They had fought hard for it, and she will bask in their spoils.

She can often be seen walking through the city on idle errands, with or without her son Padma in tow, or visiting her brother-in-law and nephew at Vorkosigan House. She favors the view from the Star Bridge, the bustling city center, the quiet beauty of the Royal Gardens. Really, it isn't hard to find Sonia in Vorbarr Sultana at all, these days.

c. wildcard
go ahead, just fuck me right up

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