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[wait, this isn't about new infiltration tech?

tenses as Miles is hauled forward -- between patchy memories of sudden loss and the relationship they're building now, Bel is fully aware that the urge to pull him back and body-check the stranger in the face is not entirely justified by the facts. the urge to shake him until an explanation falls out is rather more familiar, but Bel manages to heroically subdue that temptation (for now).

it all emerges in a rush, Miles beaming and the... new recruit-trainee?... seeming expectant? hopeful? surprised not to be recognized after whatever the hell that body-morph had been, flesh running liquid over impossibly melting bones -- hackle-raising if real. the last recruit-trainee Miles had surprised Bel with had been just as much of a shock; this one could probably have claws too, if she felt like it. the urge to shake him does not subside.

the name, though. that name.....

it's not memory but a hot bolt of knowing, highlighting the stranger in vividly active color. the smile, the cant of her head -- nothing about her is familiar. but it should be. it's right there, and it's just out of reach, and it's maddening.

better to underplay it, probably. better than offering false hope.]

Nothing comes to mind. [lips press together, a tight, fleeting expression before focusing on Zam. if this is legit, she deserves more than being sprung on Bel like a neurotherapy flashcard.] The Ingress saw fit to bury my memories before dropping me back on my ship. They've been... difficult to dig back up.

[a glance at Miles] Maybe we should take this to the tac room. [better than the corridors, for business such as this.]

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