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backsassin ([personal profile] backsassin) wrote in [community profile] sunchime 2017-02-08 04:35 pm (UTC)

Just think of it as payback for skipping out on us early, [Zam takes that hand and uses it to pull Miles into a full-on hug. Did he really think she was going to settle for a kriffing handshake?] You couldn’t have at least warned us before you went Ingress-diving?

[As for Bel, their reaction is… less enthusiastic than Zam had hoped for. She pulls away from Miles, looking at Bel with a quizzical expression that only deepens when Miles starts talking as if he has to reintroduce them.]

What? Of course Bel remembers me. [She glances between them with a puzzled smile as if waiting for one of them to explain the joke.] I saw them, what, last week? [Her eyes settle on Bel, searching for some sign of what's going on. She can still remember the rush of emotion when they had realized they'd made it through the Ingress in one piece–and everything that came after.] It wasn’t really something you’d forget overnight.

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