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forwardmomentum ([personal profile] forwardmomentum) wrote in [community profile] sunchime 2017-02-08 03:57 am (UTC)

I ought to take the fuel costs out of your first paycheck.

[ miles is grinning, ecstatic, really, because this is great -- this is perfect. admittedly, it is...always so weird to watch zam shapeshift, but he's relieved when he finally sees a familiar face that isn't danio's. he lets out a short, exhilarated laugh and hits the panel on the wall to bring down the force screen on zam's cell. ]

Zam Wesell, how the hell are you? [ he's kind of giddy over it, really. he extends a hand to zam -- to shake, pull her out of the cell, whatever. he glances over excitedly at bel, beaming. ] Hey, does this jog your memory at all? It's Zam -- you remember Zam? We met her on the Moira. I hired her for the Dendarii. Pretty sure we're the only mercenary fleet out there with a shapeshifter in our ranks.

[ he looks so pleased with himself. this is excellent. bel's going to remember at least a little. maybe with both him and zam here it'll bring it all back to the surface. and man, he's got some questions for zam, too. ]

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