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[Finally. It takes a whole lot of willpower not to break into a grin as soon as she sees them, but Zam manages to hold off until Miles has dismissed the guards. Once he does, she favors them both with a smile a touch too quick and keen to look at home on the face of their crewman.]

Y’see, I thought about that – and then your man happened to waltz into the bar in full uniform and I couldn’t help myself. [Her voice matches Danio’s in pitch and timbre and yet is totally different in cadence, mannerism, and accent – vocal imitation has never really been Zam’s strong suit.] When was I going to get another opportunity like that?

[Her gaze flickers to Bel, a mischievous smirk on her lips – only to find no trace of recognition in her friend’s expression. That’s… strange. Either Bel is pulling the best poker face of all time, or they haven’t quite gotten the joke yet. And Zam had always thought they tended to be pretty quick on the uptake. Uncertainty flashes across her features before she looks back at Miles, smiling again at his request.]

I thought you’d never ask, [she says, batting her eyelashes in a way she knows must look ridiculous in her current form. Then, she closes her eyes, takes a breath, and changes. Flesh and bone become as malleable as clay, Danio’s features slipping away in a matter of seconds. The flurry of changes is rapid, certainly too quick to follow individually, and yet the result is a completely different person now sitting in the cell. Zam opens blue eyes, which dart quickly to Bel.]

I think that should clear some things up, [she says, her expression expectant as she awaits her friend’s reaction.]

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