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[So. In retrospect, maybe she should have expected this would happen. She had very generously left her mark with nothing more than a hangover, so it was only a matter of time before he woke up sans a ship and sans a uniform (though Zam, in her munificence, did leave him with her Moira uniform and cocktail dress, thank you PAC-disc). Anyway, she thinks, even if she is currently in a ship’s hold, still in disguise, with two very unsettled guards in the adjacent corridor, they had seemed to take her request to see their admiral seriously. Which means, technically speaking, that this entire thing has a good chance of being a success. She’ll let Miles and Bel know it’s really her (on the off-chance they haven’t already figured it out), they can come up with some excuse to tell their crew, and she’ll be home free. A new life in a new universe, just like she wanted.

If only Bel and Miles would hurry up. She taps her foot anxiously against the cell floor, trying to shake off inexplicable nervousness. She's never liked being confined.]

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