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Agent York / Natalie van der Haast ([personal profile] neverknocks) wrote in [community profile] sunchime 2017-01-14 04:13 am (UTC)

Man, it's not like York was expecting the Sarcophagus retrieval to be a walk in the park or anything, but Jesus, what a shitshow.

Maine had got the worst of it by a long shot. There's a goddamn commotion at the Pelican hangar, and despite the fact that they at least got the thing, it seems like nobody's happy. Nobody except for the Director, anyway.

York figured that the Director okaying her flagrant disregard for medical advice meant she'd be off the hook for whatever, but that doesn't stop her from using the commotion around Maine's rush to surgery to slide back into the medbay like she'd never left. Well, that would've worked if she hadn't gotten caught by a nurse -- when did she hit her head and get that nasty cut on her brow? Shit, must've been somewhere in between jumping off the roof of a quickly collapsing one-hundred-and-ten-story building and the world's worst car chase.

The cut barely even needs a few stitches, but then -- 'cause of the whole jumping off the roof thing, she guesses, or maybe just 'cause of what happened to Maine -- medical insists on doing scans, and rechecking her eye, 'cause she just got out of surgery yesterday and something about the helmet HUD and eye strain. It's not that she doesn't care, but Jesus everything is still spinning, and by the time they finish putting her through scans and get her back into her room in the medbay, she's pretty sure Maine's already finished with surgery, which means she's probably gonna get a visit from the surgeon who (tried to, anyway) fix up her eye. She wonders how convincingly she could pretend to be asleep. Probably not very, if she couldn't fool Wash in the rec room.

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