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Now that gets his attention. His aim doesn't falter, but his interest is piqued. Questions are flooding through his mind, but there's one that sticks out above the rest.

"If your concerns are with what ImpSec is doing," he starts, "you realize there are better places to report such information than a random Captain in the same organization."
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"Yeah, but then I'd have to explain a bunch of stuff I don't really want to, and I think this ticket'd get lost going through proper channels, if you know what I mean." York tilts her head with a shrug, keeping her hands up. "You seem like a standup kinda guy. How much do you think it'd boost your career if you outed an internal racket?"
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"That depends on the racket," he answers dryly. A Komarran going after important Barrayarans in Imperial Security sounds like a dream of his, but a dangerous one. He almost committed career suicide once when he answered his father's call on Earth and covered his tracks.

"You're already going to have to explain it here and now. The only part you're changing is the audience."
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"That part's a long story. And it's not really the part you care about." A little eyebrow raise, a nod in his direction. "I think the part you care about is the one where you've got an internal racket funding what's probably a terrorist cell."
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There's a long moment where he stares her down before reluctantly kneeling to grab the weaponry she dropped. His stunner isn't holstered, but he's at least not aiming it at her anymore.

"I'll give you a chance to explain," he says curtly and motions for her to take a seat in the conversation circle adorning the main room of his flat.
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"Generous of you." York carefully moves to sit, keeping her hands up, but muscles still tensed. "I don't have all the details -- I just noticed a few things looked kinda off, and the rest followed from there. There's a local contracting company under your budget, but I think that might be a front."
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A front receiving Imperial money and converting it into terrorist funds. He had been hoping to come home to relax and have a drink before he went to bed for the night. That thought is long gone as he watches her. How much of what she was saying was true?

"Komarran run?" he asks dryly. "And I hope you have proof of what was 'off' in your estimations."
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"Hey, I didn't save any of it. I just happened to notice it. They're your records, you go check 'em." York sits back on the couch slightly, hands still up, and nods at Duv. "Komarran run, and some of their employees don't have the most pristine backgrounds." She raises an eyebrow. "You should get on that. This could be a career-changer for you."
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"If I have the clearance for them," he grumbles to himself. It wasn't too long ago he remembers that being an issue when a supposed military fleet captain landed in his embassy's care. He eyes the woman before pacing a few steps. If she were telling the truth...

"What's your reward in all of this"
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York shrugs noncommittally. "Let's just say I'm operating off an...alternative revenue stream."

That is perhaps not the most comforting answer she could've offered, but it isn't a lie. "Like I said, I stumbled on it by chance. I think you'll have clearance for a few financial records, won't you, Captain?"
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"Alternative revune stream?" he repeats dryly. "If I'm dealing with a criminal syndicate, I'd appreciate knowing which one should a knife end up in my back."

Or a plasma burst or a needle. Still this could be worth investigating and he didn't go into academics to ignore that nagging voice of curiosity that was always in his mind.

"I'll consider putting in a request," he acquiescences.
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"Syndicate? Nah, you've got nothing to worry about. I'm just a freelancer. Don't worry, pal, where my money's coming from isn't a stitch in this particular tapestry of trouble."

She grins at that concession. "Good for you. Take that career move by the balls and ride it to the top. Can I go now?"
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"No," he says bluntly. That was a colorful expression. The fact that the woman is from Jackson's Whole is solidified in his mind at those words.

"I need to verify your information and prepare a proper report of it." After a moment's consideration he adds, "One I'll file once I know the extent of this corruption." Because what good was a report if it only went to the one in charge of this laundering scheme.
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"Yeah, that sounds like a lot of paperwork. What do you think I'm gonna be doing all that time, sitting with my thumbs up my ass?" York raises her eyebrows at him. "Illegally detaining a woman in your flat, Captain? Not a good look for you."
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"You arrived willingly," he says with a scowl. He can't keep her here, that much she has right. Detaining her would only cause further problems if there were those in his ranks he couldn't trust never mind how trustworthy this woman would be if he turned his back on her.

"Do you have any files to support your claims?"
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"Yeah, and now I'd like to leave willingly," York says pointedly, but Duv seems to be drifting away from that crucial point. She'd really like to part on good terms here. She spreads her hands out palm up, empty. "I told you, all I did was notice a few irregularities and do a little probing. I didn't take anything."

Well, nothing related to that, anyway.

York raises an eyebrow. "You want me to go back and do my dirty work again, don't you?"
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"It would make this investigation go more smoothly," he says with a frown. The word of a woman he's met only this evening isn't much to go on no matter how plausible the story is given the difficulties of Komarran integration.

"There would be a stipend once this is all said and done, in Betan dollars." Since he has a feeling she'd need incentive to return. Even the Imperial coffers knew outsiders didn't operate the same as subjects in terms of motivation. "I wouldn't expect you to work for free."
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York's eyes light up. A grin spreads across her face. Delta's scenario simulations taken abrupt turn in a different direction. "Hold up," she says, finally dropping the under-arrest pose and leaning forward. "Are you offering me a job? Shit, I just figured you were gonna make me do it at gun point."
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"I find we get better results when our contacts are properly compensated," he remarks dryly. Following her at gunpoint would be a waste of his time with the work he's about to put in to track this down on his end. "I can't guarantee when your payment will be issued, but I have the authority to authorize it."
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York tilts her head and twists her lips in acknowledgment of that point. Yeah, she'll do a lot for money than she would for...well, no money.

Hey, D, is this guy for real?

Barrayaran Imperial Security has a ninety-six percent of record third party recompensation, not including cases in which the third party died before payment.

Well, let's hope we're not in that four percent, then. Or that I don't kick it before they cut a chit.

There's a second's delay while that conversation happens in her head before she answers Duv. "Betan dollars or...what the hell d'you guys use, Imperial marks?"
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"Betan," he confirms. "They are well aware that Imperial marks serve their uses only on Barrayar." At least the conversion rate had improved since they first re-entered the galactic scene. Thank god since it made his job far easier.

"I can have a formal contract written and ready for you by mid-morning."
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Oh, good, she's getting paid in real money. York nods approvingly, internally agreeing with Delta that this really is the smartest course of action. No sense in trying to get out of this and lose out on the payment part when that's a surer thing.

"Alright, I'm in." She nods at the stunner still in Duv's hand, one eyebrow raised. "Are you gonna keep me here overnight to make sure I don't disappear in the meantime?"
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"I get the impression the promise of a paycheck is enough motivation for you to return." The look he's giving her implies if he has the wrong vibe, she's more than willing to tell him.

If it isn't well... Holding her hostage in his apartment wouldn't serve him any good. She's not likely to be cooperative any further than she has been without the use of fast penta which he doesn't have on hand.
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York winks her good eye at Duv and gives him a single finger gun. "You got me there. I will definitely be coming back to collect."

Getting double paid? Oh, yes. You just made York's whole goddamn week, Duv. There's no way this will come back to bite her in the ass.

She starts to get up from the couch. "Alright, see you tomorrow then. Let's say...I dunno, eleven? That French Barrayaran café down the street? I'm feelin' brunch."
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"Eleven," he agrees. That would give him plenty of time to run what he knows about her through their system and see what he can find out. Duv doesn't need to start this working relationship at a disadvantage.

"I'm sure you can find your own way out."
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York tips him a lazy salute with the wrong hand as she gets up from the couch and heads for the door.

"Yeah, I've got a good sense of direction." York flashes him a grin at the door way. "See you tomorrow, Galeni."

She reviews the dossier she'd nabbed that night, the one she was actually paid to go looking for. She's not being paid to read it, but they never paid her not to, so she indulges her curiosity. Duv Galeni is a deceptively interesting man, it turns out, with a surprisingly sordid past. Huh. With that face, York wouldn't have guessed. There's layered security in the file, a locked portion she hasn't been able to get to. She sets Delta on it, passes out comfortably on the cheap hotel bed, and when she wakes up, Delta's cracked the file. Apparently York just wasn't trying hard enough.

She doesn't have time to read it before she has to jet, though, which is a shame, but she's sure she'll get a chance later, so for now she pockets her datacube and grabs her jacket on the way out. Yeah, she's definitely feeling brunch today.
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He shakes his head at the lazy salute. If she had been hoping to get a rise out of him, it fails. The Vor were the ones in bed with the military and concept of it. In his younger years, the discipline had provided guidance and through the ranks, a goal for him to obtain. At least he has an idea of the kind of informant he's dealing with.

The morning consisted of him getting the contract drawn up, the proper paperwork filed, and a security order sent out to find any information about this woman they possibly could. He might fly blind for this meeting, but the next he intended to have a leg up.

Datapad tucked under his arm, he's waiting for her at the agreed place and nods in greeting. "I was wondering if you would come."
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"What, and miss brunch with my new favorite ImpSec officer? Wouldn't dream of it."

York gives Duv a crooked grin -- she seems like the sort of person who'd arrive at least a few minutes late, but she's actually right on time. This job, she's taking seriously -- not the least because it intersects with her current job, and she's curious. It seems like a hell of a coincidence. She's curious about whatever the hell's going on in ImpSec over here, and she's even more curious about Duv after reading through his file. Also, Delta makes for an excellent, if irritating, alarm clock.

So, yeah, she's totally here.

"It's a seat yourself kinda place," York says, rolling one shoulder in the direction of the dining area, and she jerks her head in a motion for him to follow as she heads in, hands in her jacket pockets. She glances back at Duv and the datapad with him. "Got my contract?"