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Agent York / Natalie van der Haast ([personal profile] neverknocks) wrote in [community profile] sunchime 2017-01-15 05:49 am (UTC)

Well, hallway's empty. That's probably good. If this thing turns into a fight, better that it's not in a more public space, although York's hoping for the not-fight outcome. It's not that she's worried so much as it is that this would be a lot easier without her having to punch someone in the neck.

Hey, D, which one is this guy's again?

Duv Galeni's apartment is the third door on the left.

Got it. D'you think I should knock first, or just go on in?

It was partly rhetorical, but she feels Delta running probability scenarios in the back of her head anyway. He is already aware of our presence. There is a sixty-eight percent chance he has armed himself. Thirty-six percent chance of violent outcome if you choose to use the door chime. Thirty-nine percent chance of violent outcome if you choose to open the door yourself. After a moment he adds, I think you could have tried a little harder to evade detection.

But it's easier this way, York thinks, and she reasons that maybe that three percent difference in probability lies in that maybe, if she knocks, it'll come off as a little less threatening. So York, conscious of her stunner, raises a finger and hits the door chime.

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