komarran: (miles is serious)
Duv "Oopsie" Galeni ([personal profile] komarran) wrote in [community profile] sunchime 2017-01-15 05:37 am (UTC)

Someone is following him. It's clear a few turns from work and becomes more obvious when he leaves his bubble car and starts the last leg of his walk. An angry Komarran that wants to yell at him for working with Imperial Security? A friend of his father's that's not sure they recognized him? Whoever it was, they were determined to find him and catch him off guard. Why else would they be waiting so long to engage? It's not his ideal use of his off-hours, not when he's spent all day and overtime trying to figure out who's been buggering into their system, but he doesn't have a choice.

His wrist comm is on and ready for use though he leaves it be for now. Alerting security or Imperial forces would only let the person who's following him know and if it's a friend of his father's, he'd rather not involve anyone else. He lets out a small sigh when he reaches the door to his flat and rubs his face before opening the lock. As soon as he hears the door slide shut behind him, his stunner is in his hand. If there's going to be a confrontation, he'd rather have it behind closed doors.

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