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Dr. Emily Grey ([personal profile] getstitched) wrote in [community profile] sunchime 2016-12-27 04:23 am (UTC)

vertabrae by vertabrae roll your way out of a coma

The initial surgery had taken hours. Nearly a full day of tireless work, and then they'd gone back for more -- this untested revival procedure was a challenge even to the Dr. Emily Grey, and a towering one at that. She hadn't guaranteed any results, because she wasn't even sure what to expect. This case is unprecedented, a new frontier. Terrifying, but exciting.

But, despite every risk and complication, it's a success. It seems to be a success. As close as they're going to get, anyway. York still doesn't look like she's in great shape, but she's breathing, and her vitals are up, and her brain activity is much more encouraging now. With any luck, she'll regain consciousness, and soon. A few low-dose, time-released stimulants to try and push the process along, stimulate her brain a little and it looks like it might even work.

Dr. Grey meets Carolina in the waiting area down the hall, hands clasped behind her back. She's put on a fresh lab coat, but she hasn't changed out of her slightly blood-stained scrubs. "Agent Carolina," she chirps. "Have I got news for you!"

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