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It had been Miles' idea, and not Ivan's fault. Obviously. Ivan had trusted both his cousin and the title, and thought it was his aunt's influence at work on Barrayar. One thing he'd thank her for, but it's not turning out anything like he expected it would. So he turns to his cousin and, in a rather loud whisper, asks him the question that's been burning up in his mind since the movie started.

"Why aren't any of the women taking of their shirts yet?"
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"Shut up," Miles hisses, jabbing Ivan sharply in the ribs with his elbow. He's just identified one of the patrons not too far from them as a visiting Cetagandan cultural attache, and if the flowy, utterly boring music and slow, lingering shots weren't already a dead giveaway, that alone should probably be a huge tipoff that this isn't a Betan film, it's Cetagandan.

God help them.

"We've made a huge mistake," he whispers, staring at the flowery (literally) scene unfolding on the screen in front of them.