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"Ohh." That does distract him quite handily from the subtler line of conversation. Is that really, truly wine? Not maple mead concealed sadistically in a wine bottle? Real wine? His eyes absolutely light up, and his mind feels awash in a shivery delicious anticipation of the tingle of the grapes on his tongue...And it looks proper, too, with an actual vintage. Something they actually bothered to write the year on. And a Vorkosigan wine, too - political and personal loyalty would never allow him to admit this, but he considers the Vorkosigan's District's wines amongst the best on Barrayar. Something about that clay soil that brings out the best in a red.

"Dear Sonia," he sighs, and then looks around with a rather suspicious gaze. There's no one sitting terribly close, but the popping of a cork might potentially lure moochers closer. And so he asks, "Let's take this far away from where anyone might ask for a glass. I have no intention of sharing with anyone save you."
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A-ha. Sonia expected him to be delighted, but that look on Byerly's face is worth twice the stern scowl she'll probably be getting from Count Piotr sometime in the next day or two. Priceless, really. She beams at him, gathering up her things.

"By all means, dear Byerly," she says, not bothering to conceal any smugness, "lead the way."
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He sweeps her a bow as he stands, offering his hand in a courtly gesture of support. Once she's up, that hand gets tucked smoothly into the crook of his elbow as he leads her on - out of the line of sight of the other outsiders, still within the circle of guards. No need for any soldiers to come and break this up, after all.

"How did you get your hands on it?" he asks. "Did you ask permission, or will you be asking forgiveness?"
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"A little bit of both." Sonia gives him a devilish grin, not protesting in the least at Byerly's hand. It's darker on the other side of the tent, away from the campfire, and the warmth recedes behind them as they leave. Well, the wine will make up for that. "I wouldn't worry too much about it. I didn't take anything that would be that sorely missed."